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Inspired By…

This is a new weekly installment, I’ll be posting magazine clippings of different trends, and show you how I wear them, and how you could easily wear them too!

Inspired by GINGHAM prints:

– Gingham reminds me of the english countryside, and thats where my inspiration from this outfit came from…Can you tell much? ha.

-The man, the myth the legend…I introduce you to my wonderful boyfriend, Ethan. He is pretty much my favorite person ever!

– He appreciates style and is very stylish if I don’t say so myself!

-This is what I wore traipsing around the city with boyfriend. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit too…whoohoo.

-Beautiful Land Park.

-This is love.

(fitted: green Brixton hat, red vintage blazer from Crimson and Clover, vintage plaid dress from dollar sale at Bows and Arrows, rust colored belt and vintage loafers also from Crimson and Clover.

Do you think you could pull it off? I know you could. I love trying out new styles, it makes everything more fun, and you aren’t always falling back on the same old look. Variety is the spice of life! Give it a try.



Animal House…

This weekend was such a blast for the boyfriend and I. The sun was shining and it was absolutely beautiful out…Can’t ask for more than that! We decided to take full advantage of the amazing weather and ride our bikes to the Sacramento Zoo. It’s a fairly long bike ride from our flat in Midtown, but I’ve been dying to take the new vintage bike for a spin and practice city cycling.

It was SO nice cruising down the tree lined streets, and gawking at all the beautiful homes. We even checked out an open house in Land Park on our ride over. The house was the perfect size, with so much charm and character…pretty much exactly what we are looking for. I wish I could’ve made it mine right there and then, but we are not looking to buy just yet…Hey, a girl can dream can’t she!?!

We got to the zoo an hour and a half before closing, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Everyone had gone home, so we essentially had the place to ourselves. I urge you to check it out on one of these lovely weekends, I promise you won’t be disappointed! I’ve compiled some photos of our outing for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

(Cruising on my vintage Gitane bike, it rides like a dream!)(Lemurs! They are my new favorite animals…So cute.)

(Little hoots…It was love at first sight!)
(Mr. Ant Eater. He was so cool to watch with his ginormous shnoze, and crazy crimped hair. We decided he uses his huge tail as a broom to sweep up the ants before chowing, but not positive on that fact.)

(So awesome!)

( I love the Emu behind me, totally creepin’ into the photo. haha.)

(Sleepy Kangaroos, what a life.)

( Such an interesting animal… I wanna know how they sleep…?)

(What can I say…I’m a kid at heart!) 

Have a fantastic week!

P.S. My blog redesign is almost finished!!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.



Put a Hat on it.

Here comes another outfit post…

This week my inspiration comes from my mom’s vintage hat collection. Luckily the stormy weather we’ve been having lately has subsided and turned to quite a lovely afternoon.

Take a peek:

(This was my Mom’s “going out in San Francisco” hat. I’m so glad she kept it, it’s not only sentimental, but fabulous! When I’m out traipsing about, I always think of my Mom and all of the adventures she had.)

( I used to play dress up with her hats when I was a little girl… Obviously not much has changed.)

( The skirt reminds me of the one Zooey Deschanel wears in “500 Days of Summer”….)

(Isn’t my backyard nice? It’s in the middle of the city, but surrounded by trees…It’s like my own private oasis!)

(I love the length of this skirt, It fits just right.)

( What I’m wearing: vintage hat from Mother, thrifted sheer cami from $1 sale at Bows and Arrows, vintage high-waisted skirt from The Nest, and Mia wedges gifted to me by a very close friend.)

So, what do you think of the look? I’ve been experimenting with high-waisted skirts lately…and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised with the result. I wasn’t quite sure about them at first, but I realized they need to have just the right fit and length to balance out proportions.  It’s definitely intimidating to experiment with different looks, but the best part about fashion for me is trying something new! I realized once you take the initial plunge, there’s no coming back… You should try it sometime, you could be in for a real treat.

 What are some looks that intimidated you at first, and how did you make them your own? I would love to hear some feedback!

Until next time.



Gone for So Long…

First off…

I apologize for being completely MIA for the past two weeks, my latest shoulder injury has been consuming much of my life thus far. I decided to take a break and attempt to fast-track the healing process by abstaining from pretty much everything for as long as possible. Well, I made it two weeks…and now I’m back in action, ready to jump back in the swing of things.

During my two week hiatus I did sneak out to to the 2nd annual Velo and Vintage fashion show held at Hot Italian on May 7th.

Showcasing beautiful bicycles alongside beautiful fashion…This event was quite the crowd pleaser, and was put on by two fabulous local bloggers!!! What more could you ask for…? Oh ya, it was free! All I have to say is WOW, what a phenomonal, fun event.

Take a look for yourself:

Big shout out to Kari from Juniper James, and Lorena from Sac Cycle Chic for putting together such an amazing show!!!  As you can see, I’m extremely lucky to live in such an awesome city with so many awe inspiring people.

On the subject of bicycles, May is bike month, and since it’s such a cycling-friendly area, Midtown has a lot going on. In addition to the fashion show, Hot Italian also held the Sacramento Bicycle Film Festival over the weekend, the Tour of California is coming through town, and today kicks off national Bike To Work Week. Nothing brings out your inner kid like riding a bike, so be sure to get out there and join the fun!



Never a Dull Moment…

This weekend has proved to be one of the most hectic weekends of my life, how about yours? Hopefully it was awesomely relaxing in this warm beautiful weather we’ve been having!!!  My weekend went something like this:


Me- “Oh shit, my shoulder really hurts, I can’t lift my arm. Ouch, my shoulder really really hurts…What am I gonna do?”

My boyfriend- ” I’m really sorry about that girlfriend, I have bad news too.. I’m gonna be leaving for LA to do a design job for 2 months back and forth…Annnnnd, I leave on Monday…”

Me- ” You have got to be f ‘ ing kidding me…”


Boyfriend- “Don’t worry girlfriend, we can work this out! ”

Me- “Ya, your right we will work this out…but my shoulder is getting worse. I can’t lift anything, let alone dress myself… and hey look at that, my hand is numb…Oh and it’s purple. Sweeeeeet.”


…I don’t really remember Sunday, all I remember was all of this was happening way to quickly, I didn’t even have time to process it all yet. Let alone figure out what was wrong with my shoulder.

Well, it turns out my boyfriend landed kind of an ahhhmazing job through one of the biggest design firms in the world- Saaatchi and Saatchi. He was commissioned through his job at BKWLD to work on a new project with them. I know, my boyfriend is a kick ass graphic designer. Pretty crazy right!?!  The only bad thing is it’s in LA. Fortunately we can fly back and forth so it’s not so hard on our lives. 🙂

The hard part lies in me…I went to the doctor yesterday to have them look at my shoulder. Annnnd cue the ominous music…here comes the bad news. The doctor said I have a torn rotator cuff and also what’s called rotator cuff tendonitis. I can’t lift anything, and she means ANYTHING for 2 months, let alone work. So basically I’m pretty much bitter and stink facing the entire world right now!!! The hardest part is trying to get in and out of my clothes without using my arm…and let me tell you, it isn’t easy. It takes me about 45 minutes just to get dressed, or anything else for that matter.. Awkward! I also don’t have my wonderful boyfriend to take care of me when I’m feeling low. BUT…I am so very proud of him!

You will probably be seeing a ton more blogs in the future because I can’t do anything. Horray, ain’t life grand!?! Whether or not they will be bitter and terrible to read is all up to me… Don’t worry, that’s not my style!

Here is an outfit I wore last week, before I wasn’t able to lift my arm or had to wear a super stylish sling. Enjoy.

(Everything is thrifted, and another one of my awesome scores from Bows and Arrows!!!)

(What do you think of my springtime florals?)

(Spin, spin sugar…)

(Fitted- vintage sunglasses, blue cardigan, floral maxi dress, burnt orange belt, white wedges. All from Bows and Arrows)

Well, I hope I didn’t scare you all away with my crazy life, but if I know anything it’s that everyone has a crazy life and problems they have to work through. I also know that talking to people and having an outlet really helps the sting a little easier to handle.

Tell me some of your hectic stories from the past, I would love to hear!!!



Things I Love Thursday.

Another weekly installment.

1. Photography:

I recently worked on a photography project, and it was so much fun! It made me realize how much I love taking photos, and how much I miss getting lost in the darkroom for hours. Now, I get lost in Photoshop, but nothing compares to the darkroom. I was looking back through the photos I took in my college classes, and I love them. Figured I might as well show you…

2. The 60’s Era.

I have become fascinated with all things vintage, and love the design, clothing, furniture and architecture from that era.

(The clothing from this era is my personal favorite, such beautifully crafted garments)

(I love the Shell chair. The boyfriend and I are currently on the hunt for one)

(Twiggy, what a 60’s staple she was!)

3. Eichler homes-

Rolling with the 60’s era, I love the design of the Eichler homes, they were very innovative and aesthetically pleasing. My Dad actually lived in one when he was a kid…which makes them even more awesome!



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