Here’s to you.

The Holiday’s always help me to realize how wonderful friends and family are in my life. I am so lucky to be surrounded with such amazing people! One person in particular, has been one of my closest friends for about ten years now. Unfortunately, somehow every year I seem to completely forget her Birthday…which as a bestie, is a huge disappointment. Thankfully, throughout all my forgetfulness, she still stands by my side and loves me for all that I am…the good and the bad.  And that people, is a real and true friend… Which I have also come to realize is very difficult to come by. So if you have a friend like this, I would recommend always holding her/him dear to your heart, especially on his/her birthday. Today’s blog is dedicated to my dear friend K. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, filled with laughter and love!

If anyone is trying to find the perfect gift for the holidays or a birthday, I have found these wonderful charm necklaces on Etsy, they are available in silver and gold and include your initial as well as your birthstone. Take a look:

Happy Holidays, and Cheers!!!



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