Baby it’s cold outside…

Today has been one of the coldest days yet in Sactown, and although it was pretty brisk outside, it doesn’t even compare to the negative temps my hometown of Truckee woke up to this morning. I am very excited to be living in a city where I don’t have to wake up early to thaw out my car and snow blow my driveway hours before attempting the drive to work, only to get stuck down the street. I also feel lucky that my fashion sense is not stifled by the subzero temperatures. To see just how cold it was outside, I left the coziness of my warm home to get ingredients for my newly famous homemade apple pie.  Of course it was also a ploy to get my boyfriend to check out my new favorite vintage boutique, Crimson and Clover on 16th next to Hot Italian.

Not only do they have wonderful vintage clothing, amazing jewelry and treasures of all kinds for incredible prices, the owners are some of the most down to earth and friendly people I have met so far in Sacramento. Make sure you stop in for your Holiday shopping! You will be sure to find some fabulous one of a kind gifts…and don’t forget to get something for yourself!!! Here is a sneak peek at the vintage goodies they offer:


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