I am officially back!

My 3 week hiatus is officially over, so you can start reading my blogs again… because I’m back! I had severe blogging withdrawals while I was in Florida,  but my detox is most definitely over, and I’m ready to become fully immersed in this wonderful world of blogging once again! Unfortunately the weather in Florida was terrible. Record breaking cold fronts that lasted from the day I arrived until the day I left…Just my luck. Fortunately I was able to spend quality time with my Grandparents, which is so incredibly priceless. I am so lucky to have been able to “just be” with them. Christmas parties will come and go, but Grandparents won’t live forever, I feel blessed to have spent the time with them!

I don’t know about you, but I am not at all ready for Christmas…which is in approximately 3 days. Ahhhhhhhh! I have yet to buy one gift, but the greatest gift I have given and received has been the love and support from my family and friends throughout the year. I have been invited to several Christmas parties, all of which I have unfortunately  missed considering I was across the country in the world of senior citizens. I wish I could have made it to all the festivities, and just to make myself feel better, I faked one! Here is what I put together for the party I pretended to attend. What do you think?

My entire outfit was thrifted! I got the gold sequenced dress at the “Antique Faire” in Sac for  $5 dollars. My Jimmy Choo pumps were also what I consider to be the find of the decade! They fit perfectly, and I have always dreamed of having a pair of Choos. Even my fabulous martini glasses were thrifted, but most importantly, my 1 carat diamond necklace which was passed down to me from my Grandmother. I sure look fabulous for not going anywhere!!!

– If you have yet to get your shopping fix in, like me for example…and I know I’m not the only one!!! I have developed a list of my all time favorite boutiques. Whether your shopping on a tight budget, or would like to spend a little extra, here are some wonderful places to find the perfect gift.

– Head on over to the Crimson and Clover vintage boutique. They have amazing gifts and handmade jewelery…perfect for that best friend of yours…and it definitely won’t break the bank. You’re almost guaranteed to have some extra cash to buy a sexy vintage NYE dress.

-My newest and most favorite place to find vintage clothes of all kinds would be The Citizen of Rosebud Shoppe. They are open every Sunday throughout December as well as by appointment. If you are looking for all things vintage, that is the place to go!

-If you are looking for fashion at its best, head on over to The Heart Clothing Boutique. You can find gifts ranging from $5 to $100. I’m sure you’ll walk in wanting everything for yourself, so be sure to encourage your loved ones to stop by and pick something special for you too!

– The first store I ever stepped foot in when I first moved to Sac Town was Sugar Shack Boutique. It has hands down the best service! Everyone is so helpful and wonderful. Whether you buy something from the 50% off rack, or a hot new NYE dress, the staff will make you feel like you are a supermodel. Be sure to meet Mary, the owner. She is one of the most down to earth, sweetest people I have ever met. You will never leave the boutique disappointed. They have something for everyone!

– Last but not least, my most recent and  new favorite find, the store Cuffs. If you are looking for a gift for your sweet boyfriend/ husband. This is the place to go! It has Men’s and Women’s new and vintage clothing. You can buy something new and something old. Which is my personal favorite way of shopping.

Good luck with your last-minute Christmas shopping!

Cheers, and Happy Holidays,



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