Life on the Grid.

The movie TRON has inspired me to take a certain risk, I have been loving Olivia Wilde’s haircut in the movie… It’s sharp, angular, futuristic, and fits her face perfectly. What do you think?

I’ve been considering a change in hairstyles for a while now.  After all, I’ve re-vamped & changed most other aspects of my life… Might as well jump right in. after seeing Tron, I decided it was a haircut I wanted to try. I’m taking risks people, watch out! Even if it’s only hair, it’s something new and different, and you gotta love that. Are you ready for me to unveil my new do? Well here it is:

So, what do you think? Can I pull it off? I’m personally very happy with it, but I usually have to give myself 24 hours for the new change to kick in, and then I’ll know for sure. Hopefully it will be easy to manage and fun to style. Life on the grid will be much more exciting now that I have a new outLOOK on life. If you have yet to see the movie, I highly recommend it. It is really well done, especially in 3D. Be sure to download the soundtrack, which was recorded by Daft Punk… And who doesn’t love them? I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Check ya on the flip side.


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