Peachy Perfect Weekend Wear

Love is in the air don’t ya think? Well, it sure is here in Sac Town. Whatever it is, I have it and it’s quite peachy if I don’t say so myself. I’ve been feeling rather romantic lately and I’m sure you will agree…Take a look:

I’ve been searching for the perfect vintage blouse, and I have finally found it! This light pink blouse is so delicate and sweet, I can’t get enough of it. I love the ruffles, and pearl buttons. I often wonder how many people before me loved it as much as I have? Did it just sit in a closet collecting dust, or was it someone’s go-to item? I am obsessed with vintage for that very reason. My entire outfit was thrifted. I love when that happens! The blue skirt was $1!!! And it fits perfectly and compliments the peachy color of the blouse. My boy knows exactly the way to my heart, and just bought me these gorgeous suede gray booties, they are definitely my new favorites and amazingly comfortable.

So, what’s your mood today?  Are you  feeling dark and gray from all this sappy love that’s going around, or blooming with color? Whatever it may be, get out and about and enjoy yourself!




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