Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are just a few things that I LOVE:

– My favorite aspect of Valentine’s Day are the candy hearts…A lot of people think they are awful, but I beg to differ…They are wonderful, I love them. Unfortunately I’ve eaten so many I think I may have a cavity…oops! It was worth it.

– I love that even though we are in the midst of winter weather, Sacramento is still blooming with flowers galore.

-I love shoes…My boyfriend’s love for shoes has worn off on me, and now I am fully obsessed.

– I love photography…I should take more photos, it’s my form of therapy from the hum drum of life…


– I love my cats, Niko and Neela. They give me unconditional love, and always make my days brighter.


– I love all of my little treasures, they are truly cherished.

– I love my friends. They will always be here for me, we laugh, we cry, we get through hard times, and good times together. They will forever be in my heart.

-I love my family. Not only do they pick you up when you are down, they love you unconditionally.

– I love my boyfriend. He is my one true love, I found him. He is my rock. He is my everything.

I hope you take this Valentine’s Day to think about all the amazing aspects of your life that you love. Because when it comes down to it, all that matters is the love that’s in your heart.




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