Sunday Best.

Usually Sundays are filled with sleeping in, and having relaxing leisurely afternoons. Today was no exception, but it was too beautiful not to go for a stroll around the lovely neighborhood. So the boy and I crawled out of our pajamas for some people watching and a late bite to eat. I decided to wear something to brighten up my mood a little. Not like I’ve been in a bad mood or anything, sometimes winter months bring grumpy days and that’s how I’ve been feeling lately…Tired, in pain, and bad tempered.

Well the disgruntled attitude didn’t get far with this outfit…

Meet my new Peacoat. I just got it at Macy’s…I saved about $130 on this warm beauty…but I did have to freeze my butt off for the first half the winter because I’m too cheap to buy one at full price. Whatever works right!?!

(Vintage red blazer from Crimson and Clover, Urban Outfitter shirt and high waisted skirt, tights from Target, and last but definitely not least, Jimmy Choo pumps from Crossroads)

Pretty snazzy for a leisurely Sunday huh?…I even busted out my beloved Jimmy Choos. For what reason you ask? Well, I wanted to feel better, and this means looking better. It worked…I feel great!




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