Mademoiselle Coco

I have been inexplicably obsessed with Coco Chanel lately… Her life story, her determination, her revolutionary fashion sense, and her gusto to challenge the “Man’s World”. I’ve been Netflixing all the movies on her life, and reading every biography on google search…(I told you, obsessed) I just find her story SO inspiring. I mean, she had to overcome so many boundaries. She was at the bottom of the food chain and had to fight for her way up to the top in a time when war and poverty ran rampant, and women had no say in the male dominated society. She was an orphan for goodness sake, but seemed to fearlessly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s amazing that throughout all the trials and tribulations of Coco Chanel’s life, fashion was her shelter from the brutality of the world, elevating her out of poverty and in turn changing the way fashion was viewed forever. Her pieces are timeless, and still represent what fashion is today. If their was a patent on the LBD it would be hers. What would Fashion be if Coco hadn’t helped women rise above and be seen in a different light? She ripped right through the confinement and showed that its ok to see black and white if you are not confined in a corset, but comfortably chic in a feminine pant suit.

Next time your life throws you down, put on your favorite LBD or your comfortable jersey knit sweater, and remember that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s lined with black and white.




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