Oh boy I love you so…

Never, eva eva gonna let you go…Once I get my hands on you. Who even sings that song? Uh oh, I think late night blogging might not be the best idea…but I’m just gonna roll with it anyway.

My boyfriend was going to donate this cardigan…But I would have none of it. It’s super comfy and smells like him. It paired perfectly with my gray tights and denim dress.

I love the burnt orange belt and gray tights..I’ve been pairing the two with everything in my closet…

(What I’m wearing: Boyfriends Cardi, gifted black scarf, thrifted denim dress, burnt orange vintage belt, gray tights, and vintage loafers).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week…I seem to be having a bit of a rough go of it lately. Life can’t always be peachy and perfect I suppose. I’m glad I have this cozy cardi to keep me comfy on days like today. Especially with a side of  boyfriend. He is my strength when I am weak, he picks me up when I fall, and makes sure I’m warm when I am cold. I think its time we tell all those wonderful people who help us get through the rough patches how much they mean to us…I certainly will.




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