A Wonderful Life.

This weekend the boyfriend and I headed to the Bay. Tamalas Bay to be exact, for a memorial service for my Aunt Mary who recently lost her life to leukemia. I have 6 Aunts and 1 uncle on my Dad’s side…which makes for an abundant family.

My family is truly amazing. They are the kind of people that inspire you to do what you want in life, accepting of who you are, and always willing to lend a helping hand. When my Aunt was diagnosed with leukemia, it hit all of us extremely hard.

My Aunt Mary was the eldest of the siblings and always the glue that held everyone together. She was fearless and vivacious, always taking the bull by the horns. It was difficult to know that she was so sick and there was not much we could do to help her. In the end I think she helped us the most. She taught me to never stop fighting, cherish the good moments, and to surround myself with the people I love.

Her life was very colorful and bright, she was always one who could light up an entire room with her presence. Whenever I think back upon the holidays spent with Mary, I think of her laugh. It was so hearty and unrestrained, you couldn’t help but to laugh along with her. It only makes sense that when we all got together to celebrate our beloved Mary’s life, it was exactly that. Filled with laughter, joy, and a lot of colorful personalities.

“I wake each morning with the thrill of the unknown

and the joy of being alive.

And I am truly thankful for this day”

-North Beach in Point Reyes, CA. The Hutchinson family gathered here to spread my Aunt’s ashes in the sea.

Laughing with life.

And we all float on.

I love that he loves my family.

My big, beautiful family.

I feel so grateful to be related to such awe-inspiring people, who even in the midst of grief, are able to celebrate a wonderful life.

The laughter will always live on.




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