All In the Name of Sunshine.

Holy Crap, it was gorgeous out today! I was peeling off the layers, and it was the first time all winter that we left the heater off all night. Has Spring sprung here in Sac Town? Or is this just a momentary excitement from mother nature…Telling us that even though we never think old man Winter will go away, he always does. But I’m not going to get too excited for warm weather, because it tends to always get cold again…Mother Nature, you are a tease.

Of course I’m not gonna complain. I’m going to let the sunshine soak into my poor little pale body and soak it up as much as I can before it’s gone again. I even had the day off which meant I was hopping along the streets as joyous as can be. I did a bit of spring cleaning and swapped out a few pieces from my wardrobe that weren’t quite “me” for some fresh goodies.

I definitely left with some wonderful items, and since it felt like a hot summer day, my mind was on florals and sun hats. I’m going to save the photos of my goodies for another post, because like mother nature, I too can be a tease. Ha.

But don’t worry, I made sure to wear a nice breezy outfit to catch on film today too. Here is my sunny sailor wear:

(What I’m wearing: Top Solemio from Heart Boutique, Jeans from Forever 21, and red thrifted

mary jane’s from Freestyle Clothing Exchange)

I am in a fantastic mood today, and I know its because all that happiness is radiating off of the sun onto me. Well I will take it! I also am loving that I can take my slightly used clothes down the street to a consignment store and swap em’ out, just like that. I feel quite green… and sunny if I don’t say so myself.

Soak it up while you can people!



PS: A big shout-out and thank you to Nine West for sending me such a nice package for winning their “Vintage America” contest.


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