What a Weekend…

I hope everyone had a fun, fabulous weekend! After a week of being tremendously sick with my chronic condition, the boyfriend and I took a mini-vacation to the BIG city of SF to see Sweden’s finest, The Sounds. The show was in a hole in the wall place, and we were all packed in like sardines. Nevertheless, we ended up finding a great spot on the second floor balcony to see it all go down…and what a show it was! WOW… The Sounds are truly the only band I have seen where every single person in the crowd was singing along and dancing together in perfect unison. It was fantastic, and I can’t wait for them to come back to the States for another round, but I’m sure we will have to wait another couple years. 😦  I tried to take you guys along with me by using my iPhone to video the show, but the sound is terrible, and I know you would appreciate if I didn’t put you through that.

The concert was in Hayes Valley, which is one spot in the city we really haven’t explored much before. We always end up cruising around the Haight, Downtown, or the Marina. So it was a nice change and we had a blast exploring the neighborhood. Awesome upscale boutiques, trendy restaurants, and beautiful people. I can pretend for a day can’t I??? I did end up getting a few shots of my outfit, so here’s a look…

(Head to toe: Vintage sunglasses, Jones New York scarf, UO striped top, vintage high-waisted floral shorts, tights from Target, and Chinese Laundry black boots)

Our weekend in the city ended up being a complete blast, and I can’t wait to do it again!  I’ll leave you with my favorite song by The Sounds…Maybe it will convince you to go see a show next time they play. Hope your Monday is filled with sunshine and laughter.




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