My New Ride…

This past Sunday was the Antique Faire, and I make sure never to miss it. There are always fabulous treasures to be found. Sure, you have to dig and sift through everything, and there is a lot of crap, but it’s when you find that one special thing that makes it all worth it.

For me, that one special thing is a vintage bike. I have been pining for one since we moved to Sacramento. My boyfriend recently mentioned he wanted to buy me a new bike, so I have been looking here and there at what I might like. I am in LOVE with the Public bikes. DWR (Design Within Reach) founder Rob Forbes started the company and they are beyond awesome, here is a look at my favorite one:


Super sweet right? Well, somehow the universe aligned perfectly for me on Sunday, and I found the most purrrrfect bike. I noticed it immediately, but figured it was WAY out of our price range. Fortunately we got there when everyone was closing up shop, so the bike was marked to sell at $175. The frame is exactly like the one pictured above except a vintage french version. My boyfriend got the bike down to $150, and we were sold! Take a look at my fabulous new ride…

(Vintage Gitane frame)

( Ethan took the old handlebars off, and sawed off part of my beach cruisers to make these bad boys..what do ya’ think?)

(All new parts. New tires, brakes, chain, cables, and a new beautiful paint job)

( The guy we bought it from did a lot of work to it, including the awesome paint job…I love that color, so unique!)

So, what do you think of the new fresh ride? I am in LOVE! It is exactly what I was looking for, and I am very excited to ride it all over town. It’s awesome that Sacramento is such a bike friendly city. I see people riding to work and school all the time, it makes me happy to know that we are keeping our cars in the garage and helping the environment, even if it is one pedal at a time. Stay green!




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