Feelin’ Dotty…

Oh, Weekends… how I love thee. This past week came and went with a blink of an eye, but I have to say, that’s okay with me! My Friday was pretty phenomenal, the local vintage shop Bows and Arrows is having a moving sale and everything is $5 or less. Crazy right!?! If you have yet to check it out, you better get your booty movin’ and get on over there! I took full advantage of the sale…I’m definitely a sucker for a good sale, and ended up getting a ton of stuff. Basically I have a whole new spring wardrobe for about 25 bones. I know, I am excited too! I went home with 6 dresses and 3 skirts, and I can’t wait to start showing you all of my fab finds.

I was in quite a good mood today, and decided to show it off with my current favorite print, polka dots. I have acquired quite a few, and now I am officially on a hold from purchasing another one. I just love them though! Here is what I wore:

( I love this photo, especially because my cat Neela always finds a way to sneak into the photo. She likes her picture taken too!)

(Being my silly little self)

(This dress is actually Navy blue, but you would never know because the photos make it look black)

(And I do a little turn on the catwalk)

(Fitted with- Straw hat and vintage polka dot dress from Freestyle, Crimson and Clover vintage belt, Tights from Target, and Mary Jane pumps from my very favorite shop, The Nest)

 I think it’s time for a weekend adventure…What do you say? Let’s find one.




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