It’s Springtime and I have a terrible cold. Grrrrrrr…I hate colds, they are wretched aren’t they? You just have to lay around feeling terrible, and you can’t even rest because you are unable to breathe or swallow. Alright, alright I’ll stop complaining now.

However, since I’ve been sick, I’ve had some extra time to check out the Springtime looks from Threadsence’s new Spring LookBook and thought I’d share them….mmmmm, so devine.

So wonderfully dreamy don’t you think? Perfect eye candy for someone who is sick at home. If you have yet to check out Threadsence new Spring line, do so here. I love their stuff! Well I suppose I’ll go back to being grumpy and sick now…


One response to “Springtime…

  • Vanessa

    I am on the cold train with you… i happen to be on the head-cold cart this week 😦 threadsence is always so whimsical, i love their looks. Maybe i will do some browsing and plan some outfits while i sit in pj’s all day! feel better asap!

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