Fitted for Five…

Okay, EEEEEEEP!!! I am having an OMG moment. I just got back from the local vintage shoppe Bows and Arrows, they were having a moving sale…Everything was $1. Honest to blog, one buckaroonie. When does that ever happen?!? pretty much never. I am so excited and needless to say I left with about half of the store. There were no fitting rooms, so I was forced to pick and choose what I thought might fit me…and miraculously, everything did!!!

I am jumping up and down right now with pure joy! I was so excited in fact, I came right home and put together an outfit to show you all. Here is my five dollar fit of the day:

Everything down to the Sunglasses and Wedges came from the sale today!

please excuse the wrinkled skirt, I was too happy to care.

I’m beaming with happiness.

(fitted: blue cardigan, vintage white cami, pink wrap skirt, and wedges…All from Bows and Arrows.)

What do you guys think? Pretty sweet right!?! You will sure see a ton of outfit posts in the near future! Not only did I score majorly today, but tonight the boyfriend and I are going to see Bill Cunningham New York at the Crest Theatre. It should be amazing and I am definitely looking forward to it! For those of you who don’t know who Bill Cunningham is, watch the you tube video below.




2 responses to “Fitted for Five…

  • Nikki

    First off, yay for bows and arrows sale! your outfit looks wonderful. I ran over after work and it was a mad house! I left with an ikea bag STUFFED for my future online shop. very cool!
    Second, I wish you had been at the opening of the bill Cunningham documentary last Friday! there were so many bloggers there, and a few of us (who haven’t met you before) were trying to figure out if some other dark haired beauty was you! haha
    Anyways, we will have to meet soon! I’m trying to arrange an impromptu get together one evening next week. I’ll let you know!

  • Vanessa

    Scoreseeeez!!! I love the blue and pink combo and that cami looks perfectly light! When I get to Sac and you hear about sales like that you better hit me up! 😉

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