Animal House…

This weekend was such a blast for the boyfriend and I. The sun was shining and it was absolutely beautiful out…Can’t ask for more than that! We decided to take full advantage of the amazing weather and ride our bikes to the Sacramento Zoo. It’s a fairly long bike ride from our flat in Midtown, but I’ve been dying to take the new vintage bike for a spin and practice city cycling.

It was SO nice cruising down the tree lined streets, and gawking at all the beautiful homes. We even checked out an open house in Land Park on our ride over. The house was the perfect size, with so much charm and character…pretty much exactly what we are looking for. I wish I could’ve made it mine right there and then, but we are not looking to buy just yet…Hey, a girl can dream can’t she!?!

We got to the zoo an hour and a half before closing, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Everyone had gone home, so we essentially had the place to ourselves. I urge you to check it out on one of these lovely weekends, I promise you won’t be disappointed! I’ve compiled some photos of our outing for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

(Cruising on my vintage Gitane bike, it rides like a dream!)(Lemurs! They are my new favorite animals…So cute.)

(Little hoots…It was love at first sight!)
(Mr. Ant Eater. He was so cool to watch with his ginormous shnoze, and crazy crimped hair. We decided he uses his huge tail as a broom to sweep up the ants before chowing, but not positive on that fact.)

(So awesome!)

( I love the Emu behind me, totally creepin’ into the photo. haha.)

(Sleepy Kangaroos, what a life.)

( Such an interesting animal… I wanna know how they sleep…?)

(What can I say…I’m a kid at heart!) 

Have a fantastic week!

P.S. My blog redesign is almost finished!!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.




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