Inspired By…

This is a new weekly installment, I’ll be posting magazine clippings of different trends, and show you how I wear them, and how you could easily wear them too!

Inspired by GINGHAM prints:

– Gingham reminds me of the english countryside, and thats where my inspiration from this outfit came from…Can you tell much? ha.

-The man, the myth the legend…I introduce you to my wonderful boyfriend, Ethan. He is pretty much my favorite person ever!

– He appreciates style and is very stylish if I don’t say so myself!

-This is what I wore traipsing around the city with boyfriend. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit too…whoohoo.

-Beautiful Land Park.

-This is love.

(fitted: green Brixton hat, red vintage blazer from Crimson and Clover, vintage plaid dress from dollar sale at Bows and Arrows, rust colored belt and vintage loafers also from Crimson and Clover.

Do you think you could pull it off? I know you could. I love trying out new styles, it makes everything more fun, and you aren’t always falling back on the same old look. Variety is the spice of life! Give it a try.




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