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10 things i LOVE Tuesday.

I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite blogs do something like this weekly, so why not incorporate it into my blog as well? Hope you enjoy!

1. Candles…

I’ve been buying them up like the world is going to end…but I love the way my flat looks when its all lit with candles galore. So relaxing and comforting, not to mention my house smells amazing! It’s perfect on a rainy night with a boyfriend to cuddle up with…just sayin’.

2. Creamy Neutrals, sheer, and light pink…

Lingering Still

…Or all of these combined. Mmm…loving all the nudes and neutrals. There is just something so organic about it…and of course completely sexy!


3. Raindrops…

Sacramento has been getting insane amounts of rain lately, and I don’t know about you…but I am loving it. Not necessarily having to tromp around in it…Well not without my fabulous vintage rain boots of course. I especially love it because I have never really lived in the rain before. I am a true mountain snow girl, but not anymore.


I just love the sound of the rain hitting my umbrella, or my window when I’m trying to fall asleep, the smell of the wet pavement and trees, so refreshing and rejuvinating. I just love it!

4. Lace…

It makes me feel so romantic and feminine…How could you not feel beautiful wrapped in lace?

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2010

5. Chai Tea…

I am usually quite the coffee drinker. I couldn’t even begin my day without a cup of caffeine in my system. But all that has ended. Coffee has unfortunately been causing immense pain with my IC (Interstitial Cystitis), so I switched to Chai which I make in my espresso machine. Steamed milk goodness…YUM!

6. Vintage Owls…

Vintage owl necklaces to be exact. I have become seriously obsessed with them. I am currently searching for the perfect owl necklace… So if you find one I might like, it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know. hehe…

Happy Birthday Mommy :L

7. Eames Shell Chair…

I am in LOVE with this chair. The boyfriend and I have been dreaming about getting one for a couple years now. We have been scouring antique faire’s, thrift shops, and mid century consignment stores hoping one day we will find one. Until then, I can just dream.


8.¬† Vintage rain boots…

I just found a fabulous pair. Don’t you just love them? And boy oh boy have they come in useful the past couple weeks!

Healing Rain

9. Hat collection…

I’ve acquired quite the hat collection over the years, and it is time I show them off. I am in the midst of a project to showcase all of my wonderful hats… Here is what I am looking at doing:

10. Blogging…

Yes, It’s true…I love blogging.

Sometimes I feel that it can be more of a job then a fun pastime, and most of the time I wonder why anyone would want to read anything I have to say. I hear crickets…do you hear crickets? Anyway, I am not into blogging for anyone but myself and I’ll leave it at that.

So what are the 10 things you love right now?




A Vogue Idea.

“Fashion is not about looking back, it’s about looking forward.”

-Anna Wintour

I just finished up the documentary September Issue. You can stream it now on Netflix here. If you are a fashion lover like myself, I would highly recommend it. What an interesting view into the lives of the ¬†fashion editors themselves and of course, Anna Wintour. I know that Ms. Anna Wintour thinks fashion isn’t about looking back, but I disagree. I grew up with my mother’s vintage Vogue covers, and they are still inspiration for my fashion sense today. Here are some of my favorites from the early 1900’s.

Aren’t they just beautiful? I am going to dig through my Mom’s collection as soon as I go to Tahoe for a visit, they would be amazing in frames on our apartment walls. I know one thing for sure, these are the perfect inspiration for my blog redesign.




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