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Inspired By…

This is a new weekly installment, I’ll be posting magazine clippings of different trends, and show you how I wear them, and how you could easily wear them too!

Inspired by GINGHAM prints:

– Gingham reminds me of the english countryside, and thats where my inspiration from this outfit came from…Can you tell much? ha.

-The man, the myth the legend…I introduce you to my wonderful boyfriend, Ethan. He is pretty much my favorite person ever!

– He appreciates style and is very stylish if I don’t say so myself!

-This is what I wore traipsing around the city with boyfriend. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit too…whoohoo.

-Beautiful Land Park.

-This is love.

(fitted: green Brixton hat, red vintage blazer from Crimson and Clover, vintage plaid dress from dollar sale at Bows and Arrows, rust colored belt and vintage loafers also from Crimson and Clover.

Do you think you could pull it off? I know you could. I love trying out new styles, it makes everything more fun, and you aren’t always falling back on the same old look. Variety is the spice of life! Give it a try.




Put a Hat on it.

Here comes another outfit post…

This week my inspiration comes from my mom’s vintage hat collection. Luckily the stormy weather we’ve been having lately has subsided and turned to quite a lovely afternoon.

Take a peek:

(This was my Mom’s “going out in San Francisco” hat. I’m so glad she kept it, it’s not only sentimental, but fabulous! When I’m out traipsing about, I always think of my Mom and all of the adventures she had.)

( I used to play dress up with her hats when I was a little girl… Obviously not much has changed.)

( The skirt reminds me of the one Zooey Deschanel wears in “500 Days of Summer”….)

(Isn’t my backyard nice? It’s in the middle of the city, but surrounded by trees…It’s like my own private oasis!)

(I love the length of this skirt, It fits just right.)

( What I’m wearing: vintage hat from Mother, thrifted sheer cami from $1 sale at Bows and Arrows, vintage high-waisted skirt from The Nest, and Mia wedges gifted to me by a very close friend.)

So, what do you think of the look? I’ve been experimenting with high-waisted skirts lately…and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised with the result. I wasn’t quite sure about them at first, but I realized they need to have just the right fit and length to balance out proportions.  It’s definitely intimidating to experiment with different looks, but the best part about fashion for me is trying something new! I realized once you take the initial plunge, there’s no coming back… You should try it sometime, you could be in for a real treat.

 What are some looks that intimidated you at first, and how did you make them your own? I would love to hear some feedback!

Until next time.



Things I Love Thursday.

Another weekly installment.

1. Photography:

I recently worked on a photography project, and it was so much fun! It made me realize how much I love taking photos, and how much I miss getting lost in the darkroom for hours. Now, I get lost in Photoshop, but nothing compares to the darkroom. I was looking back through the photos I took in my college classes, and I love them. Figured I might as well show you…

2. The 60’s Era.

I have become fascinated with all things vintage, and love the design, clothing, furniture and architecture from that era.

(The clothing from this era is my personal favorite, such beautifully crafted garments)

(I love the Shell chair. The boyfriend and I are currently on the hunt for one)

(Twiggy, what a 60’s staple she was!)

3. Eichler homes-

Rolling with the 60’s era, I love the design of the Eichler homes, they were very innovative and aesthetically pleasing. My Dad actually lived in one when he was a kid…which makes them even more awesome!



Girl Crush…

It’s true I have a crush. I’ve had one for quite some time, and this one has remained proud and true…my serious obsession with the one and only Zooey Deschanel. But who doesn’t have a crush on that girl? Gahhhhhh…She is just so cute, and so insanely stylish, and not to mention has the sweetest voice, and bluest eyes on the planet. Bageezesus…I just love her. So to show the world my love for Zooey I’ve comprised several photos for you to gawk at in amazement…Enjoy.

…Seriously the cutest girl ever. If you would like to swoon a little longer, watch the you tube video below.

So, who is your girl crush? I know you all have one…might as well just lay it out on the table now.

Hats off To Ya…

Yay, today was a very productive day! I had a morning workout dance party, lunch with my beau, I planted some seedlings in the backyard, worked on a photography project, and finished my DIY hat collection. Pheeeewwwy… I’m pooped from my busy day!

I’m not sure if any of you are aware, but I have a serious obsession for hats. Ever since I can remember I have loved them…It’s just my thing. You know what I’m talking about, we all have that one “thing” we love. Whether it be shoes, bags, etc,etc… Well, hats are definitely my thing…and will probably always be. Case in point, I have acquired quite a collection, and I’ve been trying to find a way to show them off. I know I know, believe me I wear them… All of them. But they are just so beautiful not to showcase.

Cruising through blogs I found a very simple and fun DIY project. Listed below is what you will need…it’s an extremely long list so get your pen and paper ready.

Strong double-sided tape.

Laundry Clips. I used clips from an Ikea photo holder.

Did I trick you? I tend to do that. (Ha…I actually never do that.)

Tape the backside of the clip and place on the wall. Clip your hats and Viola…Magic that looks something like this:

(This is just a 1/4 of them, I’m currently working on the other half of my wall now.)

(Hooray for Hats!)

(The hat with the feathers was my Mom’s, which makes it all the more special)

(Niko likes to pretend he’s helping…)

So what’s your “one thing” ? And do you like to showcase it in a creative way? Hopefully I’ve inspired you to partake in a DIY project, because obviously some of them are quite simple, and can be really quite fun! Any plans for the weekend? I have a list of things I would like to do. I think a good starting point is a night of dancing with the girls! I got my dancing shoes on, let’s go!




It’s Springtime and I have a terrible cold. Grrrrrrr…I hate colds, they are wretched aren’t they? You just have to lay around feeling terrible, and you can’t even rest because you are unable to breathe or swallow. Alright, alright I’ll stop complaining now.

However, since I’ve been sick, I’ve had some extra time to check out the Springtime looks from Threadsence’s new Spring LookBook and thought I’d share them….mmmmm, so devine.

So wonderfully dreamy don’t you think? Perfect eye candy for someone who is sick at home. If you have yet to check out Threadsence new Spring line, do so here. I love their stuff! Well I suppose I’ll go back to being grumpy and sick now…

Feelin’ Dotty…

Oh, Weekends… how I love thee. This past week came and went with a blink of an eye, but I have to say, that’s okay with me! My Friday was pretty phenomenal, the local vintage shop Bows and Arrows is having a moving sale and everything is $5 or less. Crazy right!?! If you have yet to check it out, you better get your booty movin’ and get on over there! I took full advantage of the sale…I’m definitely a sucker for a good sale, and ended up getting a ton of stuff. Basically I have a whole new spring wardrobe for about 25 bones. I know, I am excited too! I went home with 6 dresses and 3 skirts, and I can’t wait to start showing you all of my fab finds.

I was in quite a good mood today, and decided to show it off with my current favorite print, polka dots. I have acquired quite a few, and now I am officially on a hold from purchasing another one. I just love them though! Here is what I wore:

( I love this photo, especially because my cat Neela always finds a way to sneak into the photo. She likes her picture taken too!)

(Being my silly little self)

(This dress is actually Navy blue, but you would never know because the photos make it look black)

(And I do a little turn on the catwalk)

(Fitted with- Straw hat and vintage polka dot dress from Freestyle, Crimson and Clover vintage belt, Tights from Target, and Mary Jane pumps from my very favorite shop, The Nest)

 I think it’s time for a weekend adventure…What do you say? Let’s find one.



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